Commission Painting and Pricing

Yes, I do take commissions.

Infantry is $10 a model, regardless of size, up to 40mm round base.
Large Infantry and Cavalry is $20 a model, up to 50mm round base.
Vehicles are based on size:
$100 for 40k dread sized (60mm base)
$150 for 40k Rhino chassis or similar, smaller fliers (Storm Talon)
$300 for 40k Land Raider, larger fliers (Storm Raven).
Forge World and Collossals - prices vary

These prices include all assembly and basing. If you already have models assembled, primed, or want to do the basing yourself, please contact me and we can talk about reducing the price.

What you get for your money - models will be cleaned of any mold lines and flash, assembled, primed, painted, based, and matte varnished for protection. Will always be beyond the 3 color minimum for tournaments, and will include the little details that we all want. I will paint an army for you that I would be proud to play with myself. I will do custom color schemes, as well as traditional "from the book" schemes. I only have one level, and that is fully painted.

Miniature Slideshow - Models I have painted

About Me

I paint models and have been doing it since I was 12. Over the years I have learned tons of tricks and painted loads of models. I have ran a very successful Miniatures studio, and owned a Retail Game Store. After closing those, I decided to get a little smaller with the operation and I am back to a one man show.

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Kyles Cryx Models, An Ork, and a funny thing about white balance

Funny thing about digital cameras. They normally have a setting for white balance. White balance is the process of removing unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo. So monkeyed with the white balance on my camera. I set my normal blue background, with my lights set, and set the white balance. The two pictures of the warjacks are taken with the white balance set with the blue background. When the blue background is removed, the sepia tone background shows up. This should actually be white. The picture of the ork is with the white balance set to the white background of my diffuser box.

I have also gotten smart and MARKED MY LIGHTS! Before I had 10-15 minutes of adjustment to the placement of the lights to get it all right. Now, I just have to get the marks on the lamps to line up, and place the top lamp on the "hook" fromthe end of my shelf bracket. That gets the lights back to where they should be. Next thing to do is replace the "daylight blue" incandescent bulbs with "daylight blue" flourescents so that all three of my lights are the same type. This affects the lighting on the pictures too.

Enough jabbering - here are the pics

Bane Thrall
Bile Thrall
My New Ork Nob

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