Commission Painting and Pricing

Yes, I do take commissions.

Infantry is $10 a model, regardless of size, up to 40mm round base.
Large Infantry and Cavalry is $20 a model, up to 50mm round base.
Vehicles are based on size:
$100 for 40k dread sized (60mm base)
$150 for 40k Rhino chassis or similar, smaller fliers (Storm Talon)
$300 for 40k Land Raider, larger fliers (Storm Raven).
Forge World and Collossals - prices vary

These prices include all assembly and basing. If you already have models assembled, primed, or want to do the basing yourself, please contact me and we can talk about reducing the price.

What you get for your money - models will be cleaned of any mold lines and flash, assembled, primed, painted, based, and matte varnished for protection. Will always be beyond the 3 color minimum for tournaments, and will include the little details that we all want. I will paint an army for you that I would be proud to play with myself. I will do custom color schemes, as well as traditional "from the book" schemes. I only have one level, and that is fully painted.

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About Me

I paint models and have been doing it since I was 12. Over the years I have learned tons of tricks and painted loads of models. I have ran a very successful Miniatures studio, and owned a Retail Game Store. After closing those, I decided to get a little smaller with the operation and I am back to a one man show.

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Something a little different - IE - A break from YELLOW

Okay, I love painting. I even like to paint red (I used to hate it).




Ok, gripes aside, I am pretty excited about the new Burning of Prospero box set.  Space Wolves, a Space Wolf Character, Thousand Sons, Thousand Sons Character, Custodes, and Sisters of Silence.....And the models are freaking NICE.  I mean, don't get me wrong - I love me some Battle at Calth much that I assembled 2+ boxes of them to assemble 2 different legions....but that new box is just SEXY.

I had a couple of spare BaC models, and decided to give myself a break from painting painting a single character model from each of these upcoming legions!

Taking some Space Wolf bits (I have a ton of them), I modeled a Space Wolf Jarl, Ornulf Fullblood. The color pallet stayed pretty tame on this guy - Primed black, then shot with GW Mechanicum Battle Grey, followed with highlights of Dawnstone and Fenrisian Grey. All grey areas were pinwashed with Nuln Oil. The reds were done in Mephiston Red, glazed with Carrowburg Crimson, rehighlighted with Mephiston Red, and then Evil Suns Scarlet. Golds are Retributor Armor, washed with Agrax earthshade, and then highlighted with Retributor Armor and Runefang Steel.  I applied decals from the generic Space Wolf decal sheet and the Grom Hellgaze sheet. I like how he came out - more grey than the modern 40k Wolves with the blue grey.

Thousand Son Sorcerer, Nechtanebos of the Rehati

This guy got a bit of extra treatment.  I used the standard Mark IV marine, but positioned him on an open book (from one of the Dark Angels Vehicle frames).  I used the pointing hand from the Devastator box, and the staff arm from the Grey Knight Strike Squad. I included some scroll bits, as well as a open hanging book from a high elf model.  Initially, I was going to go for the whole metallic red (painting the model silver and applying numerous coats of red glaze) but I did not have a red glaze and my numerous attempts to make one failed.  So I went with red.  The model was primed light grey, and then base coated with VGC Air Blood red.  The red was pinwashed with Carrowburg Crimson, and then layered with Evil Suns Scarlet, followed by highlights of Wild Rider Red, and then final edge highlights of Fire Dragon Bright.  Golds were done identical to the Space Wolf. With no decals to work with, I hand painted the Thousand Sons symbol, and then did the black script work on the books.  The blue areas were painted with P3 Arcane blue, washed with Drakenhoff Nightshade, and then re-highlighted with Arcane blue.

Well enjoy folks - I am off to get ready for another fun filled day at work!

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