Commission Painting and Pricing

Yes, I do take commissions.

Standard Infantry - $10 Per Model
Large Base Infantry, cavalry, and light warjacks - $20 Per Model
Large Monsters or warjacks - $40 Per Model
Vehicles - $100 Per Model
Forge World and Collossals - prices vary

These prices include all assembly and basing. If you already have models assembled, primed, or want to do the basing yourself, please contact me and we can talk about reducing the price.

What you get for your money - models will be cleaned of any mold lines and flash, assembled, primed, painted, based, and matte varnished for protection. Will always be beyond the 3 color minimum for tournaments, and will include the little details that we all want. I will paint an army for you that I would be proud to play with myself. I will do custom color schemes, as well as traditional "from the book" schemes. I only have one level, and that is fully painted.

Miniature Slideshow - Models I have painted

About Me

I paint models and have been doing it since I was 12. Over the years I have learned tons of tricks and painted loads of models. I have ran a very successful Miniatures studio, and owned a Retail Game Store. After closing those, I decided to get a little smaller with the operation and I am back to a one man show.

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Models paintedinYuma are now on Ebay

Trying to make a buck or two

So I went ahead and took pics and posted the 4 units I have completed for "The Purge" on Ebay. Trying to generate some capital for my new and re-blossoming painting studio. Hopefully, someone will throw down my Buy it Now prices 0f $150 a unit on these guys and get me the money that I need to get back in the studio and work. Next up will be the extra unit of Dark Angels I have laying around. I'll get those painted up, just like the codex, and get them on Ebay as well.

I'll be going back into my storage this next weekend to round up some paperwork that I need to get my ass back to college. In doing so, I will be rounding up the last of the Confrontation Figs I have laying around in there and throwing them on Ebay as well. Time to clean out the damned closet on that stuff.

Check the link at the bottom of my blog to see what I have up!

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1havok12 said...

Good luck with these dude! These are beautiful models. I hope they sell well for you.