Commission Painting and Pricing

Yes, I do take commissions.

Infantry is $10 a model, regardless of size, up to 40mm round base.
Large Infantry and Cavalry is $20 a model, up to 50mm round base.
Vehicles are based on size:
$100 for 40k dread sized (60mm base)
$150 for 40k Rhino chassis or similar, smaller fliers (Storm Talon)
$300 for 40k Land Raider, larger fliers (Storm Raven).
Forge World and Collossals - prices vary

These prices include all assembly and basing. If you already have models assembled, primed, or want to do the basing yourself, please contact me and we can talk about reducing the price.

What you get for your money - models will be cleaned of any mold lines and flash, assembled, primed, painted, based, and matte varnished for protection. Will always be beyond the 3 color minimum for tournaments, and will include the little details that we all want. I will paint an army for you that I would be proud to play with myself. I will do custom color schemes, as well as traditional "from the book" schemes. I only have one level, and that is fully painted.

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I paint models and have been doing it since I was 12. Over the years I have learned tons of tricks and painted loads of models. I have ran a very successful Miniatures studio, and owned a Retail Game Store. After closing those, I decided to get a little smaller with the operation and I am back to a one man show.

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Saturday gaming

Another Saturday gaming session come and gone, and lets just say I was back at the modeling table tonight.

Game 1 - Shane's Salamanders
Objective mission - Dawn of War
I'll start off by saying Shane's army is a ded shooty army to play against.  Three Predator Annihiltors with sponson HB are a real bitch when all of you units can only get a 4+ armor save.  Lets just say that the Pred killed a ton of orks.  All in all, a good game, just found some real bad gaping holes in my lists battle plan.  First - not enough power claws.  Spent a lot of time not doing anything because I could not hurt armor, or land tons of hits, but no wounds because of the 3+ armor save.  Second - Lots of Deff coptas are great at zooming around, shooting at things, but the points would be better spent on boyz in trukks.  Third - battlewagons are worthless as firesupport. At least if they do not have a Killkannon.  With Ork ballistic skill stick at 2, hitting with Zzap guns is next to impossible, and the heavy bolters almost seem like a waste.  So the killkannon, although it scatters, is the best way to get some much needed support onto the table.

Game 2 - Timothy's Khorne CSM Army
Spearhead - Kill points
The Koptas did more in this game, but more because Timothy had a CC equiped dread fire frenzy three tuns in a row.  Again, battlewagons = useless without the Killkannon.  I did hit stuff with the zzapguns this time, but alway failed to penetrate or wound.  Turn 1 though, killed about 5 CSMs with 1 shot of the Kannon.  Other than that, game went as expected.  Total Bloodbath as Khorne got his skulls for the day.  I lost based on KP because I had more units than he did. 10 KP to his 7.  With orks, it's hard to keep units alive to prevent those KPs at the end of the game.

In review, my freshly converted BaneBlades drew some stares and lots of compliments and I was pretty happy with the way they have performed, except for weapon choices.  Dave was there and gifted me with a Ork Nob with a Waaargh Banner - Awesome model, but as I have one converted already, I had another plan in mind for him.  With some minor snipping and clipping, hacking and filing, I was able to make a pretty spiffy looking Wierdboy (Wizbang)  Tried out a new trick to making spun copper cables, and he has them running everywhere.  MAde sure i have plenty of Power Klaws!

Re-tuned the army list to make it a bit more flexible and easier to manipulate the battlefield.

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